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SFPO Fundraisers

Student-Faculty-Parent Organization


Family Giving Campaign


It’s back to school time and time to kick off SFPO annual Family Giving Campaign!


The F.G.C. (Family Giving Campaign) is a very effective way to support our school, students and teachers. 100% of your generous donation goes directly towards funding our student’s educational experience. We are so fortunate to be a part of such an exceptional school community and every contribution helps SRACS reach this goal.


Your contribution to the SFPO enables the organization to support the Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School (SRACS) program. Proceeds from the FGC enhance the art, music, drama, science, and elective programs, and provides each classroom with hands on educational technology, computers, equipment, and books. All purchasing/budget decisions are governed by the SFPO executive & voting board (parent group). Your participation and input are greatly encouraged, so please consider volunteering for the board. All monthly meetings are open to the public.


We are asking for a suggested donation of $300.00 per student. We understand that some families may be able to give more and some less. Please donate a sum that is comfortable for your family. All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated! Check with your company (Keysight, Medtronic, Kaiser, PG&E, etc) about matching donations!


SFPO Family Giving Campaign SFPO is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization-Fed Tax ID#35-2241164



Child’s Name(s): ___________________________________________________________


Contributor’s Name:_________________________________________________________




Email: ___________________________________________________________________


Tax-Deductible Donation Amount:


$300 $250 $200  $150  $100 other $ ______       Total $_________


Please return this form along with your payment to the school office or mail to:



Track our progress on the large beaker in front of the school!!


SFPO attn: Family Giving Campaign


4650 Badger Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409


Thank you for your commitment to our children’s education!