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SRACS Charter

This Renewal Proposal for SRACS was formally presented to the Board of Education of the Santa Rosa City Elementary School District on June 12, 2018. The outline below follows the sequence and content requirements of Board of Education Policy 0420.4.  

The undersigned District Administrative staff members hereby apply to the Board of Education for reauthorization of the Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School (SRACS). As the proposal will detail, the SRACS concept was designed to serve fifth and sixth-grade students who have the potential, motivation and parental support to succeed in an academically accelerated educational environment.  

The core academic program of the SRACS is centered in two classrooms, one focused on math and science the other focused on social science and English language arts. Location on or near the middle school campus will provide students with additional academic resources, as well as a variety of elective options, which are not available in a typical elementary school setting.  Recess and play periods will be planned and supervised to provide time and/or geographic separation from the general middle school student population. Projected 2022/23 enrollment at the SRACS site is 128. This enrollment figure of 128 (4 classes) has remained consistent since 2007, although the school could expand with district approval.