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Brandon Binder

Matt Bringedahl

Music Program

All SRACS students will participate in the Music Program this year. It is required to select from one of the two music classes. If you're not sure which program you should join, learn more about each class and it’s requirements here.

Exploratory Music

This class is for students who have not played a band instrument before. Students that are not enrolled in Symphonic Band will be enrolled in this class.

Music appreciation, movie soundtracks, vocal music, music history, music technology and more will be explored in this class. Mr. Binder will teach this class. 

Symphonic Band

This class is for students who have at least one year of experience on a band instrument.

Students will continue to develop music literacy and instrument-specific technique. Students will complete a pass-off system to demonstrate their musical growth. Mr. Bringedahl will teach this class.