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Distance Learning

Dear Students and Parents,




The temporary closure of all California schools and transition to “Distance Learning” is a challenge that I am urging the entire community to embrace. Perhaps more than any other city, Santa Rosa has faced its fair share of trials and tribulations. In every prior instance, the people of Santa Rosa demonstrated incredible courage, fortitude, and pride in their community. The COVID-19 outbreak will test Santa Rosa yet again, but the resilience that has been developed and demonstrated time and time again will serve our community well as we band together, albeit separately, and help each other persevere through this difficult time.

Many of you may be wondering, what exactly is distance learning? Here is our working definition:

“Distance learning” means instruction in which the student and instructor are in different locations. This may include interacting through the use of computer and communications technology, as well as delivering instruction and check-in time with their teacher. Distance learning may include video or audio instruction in which the primary mode of communication between the student and instructor is on-line interaction, instructional television, video, telecourses, or other instruction that relies on a computer or communications technology. It may also include the use of printed materials incorporating assignments that are the subject of written or oral feedback.

While this new (and hopefully temporary) educational reality certainly has its drawbacks as it lacks in-person contact and communication, there are unique advantages to pursue and explore. Over the course of the next few weeks, students will have the opportunity to continue their studies in a manner that will foster independence, spark creativity, and further develop executive functioning skills.

Your students can log in to their Google Classroom accounts to find assignments and communicate with our SRACS teachers. This work that has been created and posted will allow your child to re-engage in their schoolwork. Please be patient as teachers work through this process to develop the distance learning units that will be available to students through the rest of the year should classes not resume.

In terms of student expectations, because these are such unusual times and not everyone will experience the same degree of hardship, ALL students will be “held harmless” with regards to school work. This means that students will not be penalized should they not be able to complete the school work being provided through the distance learning plan. In other words, student grades will not go down from the end of the 3rd quarter - grades can only go up as students complete the distance learning work. 

Logistical Information:

  • Communication from the school to students and parents will take place via email and all-calls. Should you need to reach school personnel, please refer to the staff directory on the SRACS website and email the appropriate staff member.

  • Many Santa Rosa City Schools will serve as a “Grab and Go Meal” location.  For more info, please refer to this meal information document.

  • The Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School and Rincon Valley Middle School campuses are closed and inaccessible to all members of the public. Should the remainder of the school year be canceled, a plan will be developed for students to retrieve any items that may remain in their desk/cubby/classroom.

  • SRCS is working on providing laptops to students that need them. More info to come on this item. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use an iPhone to turn in a photo of a paper assignment in google classroom. 

  • Google Classroom will be the primary platform for Distance Learning. Please make sure your student has logged into the appropriate classes. Also, your student’s teacher can send you a "parent invitation" email if you are interested in receiving regular emails about your student’s work and classes.

  • Student work will continue to be posted in the weeks to come. As the work is completed and submitted, it will be graded. We must remember that teachers are experiencing this hardship like everyone else and that they need to take care of themselves and their families. Please be patient as we work to provide distance learning opportunities and feedback for student

Due to the uncertainty and innumerable variables surrounding our current reality, we must remember to remain flexible, patient, and compassionate for one another. Please be sure to check your email regularly and look for future communications. The spirit of the people of Santa Rosa will help us get through this trying time and I have no doubt that we will emerge stronger than ever before. Finally, PLEASE take care of yourself & your family and place health and well-being above all other priorities.


Take Care,

Ed Navarro


Rincon Valley Middle School 

Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School

ALPS student opportunity

I am excited to share with you the first in a series of activities for your ALPS students or any students who are interested. Anna Benton Williams has put together a format for students to reflect and observe what is happening around us during COVID 19 that one might not necessarily think or talk about. We will continue to share the lessons as they are built. The end product is very exciting; an anthology of student work that will include students from our district.