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Homework Policy


At SRACS, our goal is to support students to be successful learners and to develop responsible time management. Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis from Monday through Thursday. Students should spend 60 minutes per day on homework and a minimum of 20 minutes per day on reading. On occasion, students will be given a project that may need to be worked on over some weekends.

To Find Homework Assignments:

  1. Whiteboard in Classroom - Teachers write down the homework assignments every day in class and students are expected to transcribe the assignment in their planner.
  2. Google Classroom - Teachers use Google Classroom for specific assignments.
  3. Monday Homework Package - Every Monday homework packages are distributed to students.

Absent students are required to make-up missed work. Students are allowed one day of make-up time for each day absent. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the make-up work and complete it within the specified time. Please note that not all assignments lend themselves to make-up work at home. Students are encouraged to contact their “study buddy” or find the homework posted online to keep up with the assignments while they are out of school.



Parents will be alerted if their student is missing an assignment (failed to return an assignment). This “Homework Notice” must be signed and returned the following day to the assigning teacher. As part of our homework policy, those students who fall below a “C” in one or more of the four core areas (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) will need to attend study hall in lieu of their electives.



It is important that students are in school every day for the best learning to occur. Valuable class time, which includes deep and complex discussion, cannot be replaced and students can quickly fall behind in the curriculum, having a negative impact on their grades. Family vacations taken during school instruction time are considered unexcused absences; truancy letters will be mailed home for excessive unexcused absences and/or absences of 3 or more days. In summary, vacations seriously interfere with a students’ education and schools lose daily attendance revenue.



Teachers are not obligated to give assignments ahead of time for students who will miss school unless a formal Independent Study Contract has been processed and signed. However, it is encouraged for families and teachers to communicate about planned absences, and any requests for assignments in advance can be fulfilled, if possible.

Please contact Office Manager to begin the process of requesting an Independent study for your student, at least 3 weeks prior to the planned absence.