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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Information

It was determined that because of the SRACS Charter, all 6th graders will transition to Rincon Valley Middle School, and attendance is not dependent on the student's middle school of residence. Open Enrollment paperwork is not needed for this transition.


Students who would like to attend a different middle school than RVMS, then district Open Enrollment paperwork will need to be completed, and that is available on the Santa Rosa City Schools webpage. All Open Enrollment paperwork is done online.


Upon the transition from 8th grade to High School, Open Enrollment paperwork will have to be completed if the student's high school choice is different than the high school of residence. Current 2018-19 RVMS 8th graders, 2018-19 RVMS 7th graders have priority to attend Maria Carrillo High School, and this attendance is not dependent on the student's high school of residence.


SRACS Students DO NOT have priority to attend MCHS, if that is not their school of residence. Open Enrollment paperwork must be completed is a student wants to attend MCHS and it is NOT their high school of residence. 


Click Here To View District Memorandum Explaining Accelerated Charter Open Enrollment SRACS-RVMS-MCHS Pipeline Policy