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Enrollment Priority

The Element H Admission Requirements were finalized at the Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education Meeting on January 28, 2015. In the event that the Charter School receives applications exceeding the maximum cap prior to the close of the admissions deadline, it shall determine which students shall enroll in the following manner:


Sibling Preference

All siblings of students enrolled at and attending the Charter School at the time of the lottery or who were enrolled at the school at any time during the seven (7) school years prior to the school year for which the lottery is being conducted, shall be admitted.


Lottery Procedure

In-District Applicants whose parents/guardians provide written verification that they are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch under that program guidelines shall be designated Free and Reduced Eligible. Applicants residing within the boundaries of the Santa Rosa City Schools Elementary or High School Districts shall be designated District Resident. Families residing within the Santa Rosa Elementary School District, Rincon Valley Union School District, Wright Elementary School District, Piner-Olivet Union School District, Mark West Union School District, Kenwood Elementary School District, Roseland School District, Bellevue Union School District, and Bennett Valley Union School District all fall within the enrollment boundaries of the Santa Rosa City Schools High School District. Applicants not meeting any of these criteria shall be designated as Other.


The Charter School shall employ the following lottery procedure to determine admission to the school in the event that the number of applicants exceeds the number of available slots:


Draw No. 1

1. Free and Reduced Eligible - In District: Draw 4 times

2. District Resident: Draw 1 time

3. Child of current Charter School employee: Draw 1 time


When all of the envelopes from categories 1 and 3 are drawn, then, if there are remaining envelopes, the lottery shall proceed to draw all of category 2.  When all of categories 1, 2, and 3 are drawn, the lottery will proceed to category 4 listed below. 


Draw No. 2

4. Other - Draw 1 time until no envelopes remain


Wait List

In the event that there are applicants remaining after the conduct of the lottery, those applicants not admitted to the school shall be placed on the waitlist in the order that their names were drawn. To the extent that openings occur at the Charter School during the school year for which the lottery is conducted, applicants shall be offered admission in the order in which they appear on the wait list.