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All Students participate, once a week -- Teacher: Ms. Behr

In art class, we learn about contour drawing, shading, texture, color, and design. We will create guided drawings, watercolor, a color wheel, reverse shading, texture shading, texture with ink, chalk pastels and one-point perspectives. Students always have the opportunity to make additional art projects in the given elective time.



Tuesdays - Fridays -- Teachers: Mr. Binder and Mr. Bringedahl

There are two levels that students can be enrolled, based upon their skill level. In Mr. Binder’s Concert Band, students will be introduced to their instruments, learn basic music reading skills, and how to play in a group. In Mr. Bringedahl’s Symphonic Band, students will play advanced rhythms and technically challenging music. 



Mondays -- Teacher: Mr. Binder

In Chorus, the emphasis is on learning to sing properly, understanding music and performing with one’s voice. We meet once a week and sing exercises to help develop the voice, but spend most of our time singing folk songs of America. The songs progress through our heritage from movies and musicals to popular songs. 



Mondays -- Teacher: tbd

Students will have the opportunity to explore “playing” in the theater. Students will build skills in teamwork, collaboration, storytelling, and self-expression through theater games. The class will expose students to various forms of drama and highlight some notable figures from the world of theater.


PEPhysical Education

All Students participate, 2-3 times a week -- Teacher: Mr. Meyer

Charter School students receive 200 minutes of Physical Education in a 10-day period. 

5th Graders will always have PE on Tuesdays & Fridays and alternating Mondays (Blue Week). 6th Graders will always have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays and alternating Mondays (Red Week).


Creative Writing

Tuesdays - Fridays, potentially part of the 5th Grade Differentiated Workshop

Students will explore creative writing through traditional genres such as poetry, creative non-fiction, drama, and fiction. Additionally, students will create through newer media such as digital, audio, and video formats.



Tuesdays - Fridays, 6th Grade Differentiated Workshop

Teachers: Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams

Students will focus on thinking and designing model communities. We will look at architecture, energy systems, and urban planning designs. Students will develop knowledge, understanding, and skills from different disciplines to design and create solutions to problems using the design cycle.  They will use and apply technology effectively as a means to access, process, and communicate information, model and create solutions, and solve problems. The goals of the class are to enjoy the design process while developing an appreciation of its elegance and power.



Tuesdays - Fridays, part of the 5th Grade Differentiated Workshop

Teacher: Ms. Walls

Media is a product that communicates a message to an audience.  Technology is an invention that changes the way human beings live and work.  This elective explores the convergence of these two human endeavors using both low tech and high tech materials.