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How many students attend SRACS?

The Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School services 5th & 6th Grade students. During our inaugural year in 2004-2005 we began with two classes. We currently have 4 classrooms  and our average classroom size is 32 students per teacher.

Our school follows the Santa Rosa City Schools calendar.

What is the regular school day?

Students arrive to school by 8:15 every day. On Mondays, we have an adjusted schedule and students leave early at 1:45 PM. Every other day of the week, dismissal time is 2:45 PM.

Are there any early dismissal days?

Yes, we have a few minimum days per year. The dismissal time on these days is 12:00PM. Minimum days occur on Back to School night, Parent-Teacher Conference Days (8 Days) in the Fall, Open House in May, and on our last school day of the year. There may be some additional minimum days, please refer to your Calendar of Events for the year, distributed in your orientation packets.

What should I do if I am absent from school?

A parent or guardian should call the Charter School Office at 890-3860 to clear your absence. Note: Absences that are not cleared are marked as truant.

What should I do if I am late getting to school?

You should bring a note from your parent/guardian to the Charter School Office explaining why you are late. Two or more tardies will result in disciplinary action.

What should I do if I need to leave during school for an appointment?

Before school starts, students should bring a note from a parent/guardian to the Charter School Office. When leaving the school for an appointment, a parent/guardian (or someone on your emergency form) must sign the student out in order to leave the school. The student must also be signed in upon return from an appointment.

Can I visit the school?

Unscheduled visits to the classroom are discouraged. Parents if current students can visit the school after prior arrangements are made. Simply come in to the main office, sign yourself in, and wear an identification badge that is provided for you. This helps to keep our school safe.