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Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School

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    The phoenix family

    Our mission is to serve students who show the interest, ability, and promise of succeeding in an academically challenging and specialized setting. Making connections across disciplines facilitates an educational environment in which students are engaged in high interest, standards-based, real-world experiences that promote individualized learning.

    At SRACS, classes are designed to meet and exceed standards by covering contents in depth and complexity. Students' varied learning styles and strengths are incorporated into the curriculum design. Each grade level offers two core classes: math/science and English language arts/social studies. In addition to the core classes, SRACS also offers Physical Education and electives (band, drama, arts, etc). The school is operated as a public school under the jurisdiction of Santa Rosa City Schools District as a Charter School. Charter Schools are held accountable to the same rigorous standards that regular public schools are held to. The differences are the delivery methods and model of instruction and the choice of materials that are decided at the site level.