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Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School

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    tuesday homework club

    Homework club

    All 5th and 6th grade students are invited to room 77 on Tuesdays after school to get some homework help!  

    • bring your materials
    • have time to focus
    • ask questions
    • get feedback

    This is a great time to get some support if your child needs help.  This is not a play time- students are expected to work.  Bring a book to read if you finish your work.  

    All students will walk out to the SRACS parking lot at 4:00 for pick up.  No leaving early. 

    Odyssey of the mind

    OM flyer

       2022 Lottery information 

    Enrollment at Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School happens through a Lottery System.  

    The Lottery is open for enrollment Jan 11- Feb 8, 2022

    The lottery will be held March 3rd, 2022 at 8:15am.

    Enrollment lottery applications for all grade levels must be submitted to the Main office, via online lottery application, by 3:00 pm on February 8th, 2022.  Registration applications received after 3:00 pm on February 8, 2022 will not be included in the lottery and will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. 

    Note: All registration applications and registrations are done online. There are no forms to be picked up in the main office.

    informational meetings

    info mtg

          SRACS Winter Concert

    The SRACS Music Concert was a HUGE Success!  

    I hope you had a chance to attend.  Here are a few photos of highlights from the night.   Thank you  to Matt Bringedahl and Roxanne Boulais for leading our students on this great music journey!  Thank you Maria Carillo High School for hosting us in their auditorium.   A Big round of applause to the students for their hard work and great performance.  Thanks to the MCHS Music students who also performed and showed us the results of  a great music education!  And thank you to  everyone for coming out and supporting this great program.  What a joy it was to see them all performing together.  And with a special guest performance by Mr. Williams it was a night to remember!  #GratitudeAttitude

    Music Concert

    Free Lunch for all students

    Free Lunch

    Santa Rosa City Schools is offering ALL students Free Lunch this year.
    Click here to see the monthly Menus
    Click here to apply online for free or reduced meals -  Please apply even if you know you do not qualify-  Our school gets important funding based on these applications.  Thank You!

    This year we will be serving "Brunch" at the 9:30-9:45 break and Lunch at 12:15. 


    Math Counts

    On October 15th math counts will be starting at 4:00pm and going to 5:00pm on the Maria Carillo campus.  Math counts is an opportunity for students to learn some ways to think about and do math.  It is designed to help students be competitive in math.  Top math counts students will make up the math counts team, all math counts students can take the AMC8 a nation wide test that looks at students math ability.  Students do not have to compete or take the AMC 8 to participate in math counts.  All the students I have had that have stuck with the program have gotten better in math (it can be just good math practice).  Please fill out the following google form if you are interested. 
    If you have questions contact
    Steve Williams



    The phoenix family

    Our mission is to serve students who show the interest, ability, and promise of succeeding in an academically challenging and specialized setting. Making connections across disciplines facilitates an educational environment in which students are engaged in high interest, standards-based, real-world experiences that promote individualized learning.

    At SRACS, classes are designed to meet and exceed standards by covering contents in depth and complexity. Students' varied learning styles and strengths are incorporated into the curriculum design. Each grade level offers two core classes: math/science and English language arts/social studies. In addition to the core classes, SRACS also offers Physical Education and electives (band, drama, arts, etc). The school is operated as a public school under the jurisdiction of Santa Rosa City Schools District as a Charter School. Charter Schools are held accountable to the same rigorous standards that regular public schools are held to. The differences are the delivery methods and model of instruction and the choice of materials that are decided at the site level.